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D12: Find indications for a drug

This query is designed to extract indications associated with a drug. The query accepts a standard drug concept ID (e.g. as identified from query G03) as the input and returns all available indications associated with the drug.
The vocabulary includes indications available from more than one source vocabulary:
  • First Data Bank (FDB), defined mostly for clinical drug concepts 
  • NDF-RT defined mostly for ingredients 
FDB also distinguishes indications based on their presence in the drug label (or package insert) as FDA approved or off-label. NDF-RT distinguishes between treatment or prevention indication. The segmentation is preserved in the vocabulary through separate concept relationships. The various segments and the associated concept relationships are as follows:
  • FDB FDA approved drug indication (based on concept relationship 126: ‘FDB FDA approved drug indication’) 
  • FDB off-label drug indication (based on concept relationship 127: ‘FDB off-label drug indication’) 
  • NDF-RT May Treat (based on concept relationship 21: ‘May Treat’) 
  • NDF-RT May Prevent (based on concept relationship 23: ‘May Prevent) 

 Parameter  Example  Mandatory  Notes
  Drug Concept ID   19005968  Yes Drugs concepts from RxNorm with a concept class of ‘Clinical drug or pack
 As of date  Sysdate  No Valid record as of specific date. Current date – sysdate is a default

Sample query run:

The following are sample runs of the query to extract all indications associated with a drug concept. The input parameters are highlighted in blue.

  r.relationship_name as type_of_indication,
   c.concept_id        as indication_concept_id,
   c.concept_name      as indication_concept_name,
   c.vocabulary_id     as indication_vocabulary_id,
   vn.vocabulary_name  as indication_vocabulary_name
 FROM vocabulary.concept c, vocabulary.vocabulary vn, vocabulary.relationship r,
          -- collect all indications from the drugs, ingredients and pharmaceutical preps and the type of relationship
          SELECT DISTINCT r.relationship_id rid, r.concept_id_2 cid
            FROM vocabulary.concept c INNER JOIN
            -- collect onesie clinical and branded drug if query is ingredient
                   SELECT onesie.cid concept_id FROM
                     SELECT a.descendant_concept_id cid, count(*) cnt FROM vocabulary.concept_ancestor a
                     INNER JOIN
                      SELECT c.concept_id FROM vocabulary.concept c, vocabulary.concept_ancestor a
                       WHERE a.ancestor_concept_id=19005968  AND a.descendant_concept_id=c.concept_id AND c.vocabulary_id=8
                     ) cd on cd.concept_id=a.descendant_concept_id
                     INNER JOIN vocabulary.concept c on c.concept_id=a.ancestor_concept_id
                     WHERE c.concept_level=2
                     GROUP BY a.descendant_concept_id
                   ) onesie where onesie.cnt=1
                   -- collect ingredient if query is clinical and branded drug
                   SELECT c.concept_id FROM vocabulary.concept c, vocabulary.concept_ancestor a
                   WHERE a.descendant_concept_id=19005968 
                     AND a.ancestor_concept_id=c.concept_id
                     AND c.vocabulary_id=8
                   -- collect pharmaceutical preparation equivalent to which NDFRT has reltionship
                   SELECT c.concept_id FROM vocabulary.concept c, vocabulary.concept_ancestor a
                   WHERE a.descendant_concept_id=19005968 
                     AND a.ancestor_concept_id=c.concept_id
                     AND lower(c.concept_class)='pharmaceutical preparations'
                   -- collect itself
                   SELECT 19005968  FROM dual
          ) drug ON drug.concept_id=c.concept_id
          INNER JOIN vocabulary.concept_relationship r on c.concept_id=r.concept_id_1
          -- allow only indication relationships
          WHERE r.relationship_id IN (21,23,155,156,126,127,240,241)
  ) ind
 WHERE ind.cid=c.concept_id AND r.relationship_id=ind.rid AND vn.vocabulary_id=c.vocabulary_id
 AND   sysdate BETWEEN c.valid_start_date AND c.valid_end_date
Output field list:
 Field  Description
 Type_of_Indication  Type of indication, indicating one of the following:
  • FDA approved/off-label indication
  • Treatment/prevention indication
 Indication_Concept_ID  Concept ID of the therapeutic class
 Indication_Concept_Name  Name of the Indication concept
 Indication_Vocabulary_ID  Vocabulary the indication is derived from, expressed as vocabulary ID
 Indication_Vocabulary_Name  Name of the vocabulary the indication is derived from

Sample output record:
 Field  Value
 Type_of_Indication  Has FDA-approved drug indication (FDB)
 Indication_Concept_ID  21003511
 Indication_Concept_Name  Cancer Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
 Indication_Vocabulary_ID  19
 Indication_Vocabulary_Name  FDB Indication