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D14: Find drugs for an indication

This query provides all clinical or branded drugs that are indicated for a certain indication. Indications have to be given as FDB indications (vocabulary_id=19) or NDF-RT indications (vocabulary_id=7). Indications can be identified using the generic query G03, or, if at least one drug is known for this indication, query D04.

 Parameter  Example  Mandatory  Notes
 Indication Concept ID  21000039  Yes FDB indication concept ID
 As of date  Sysdate  No Valid record as of specific date. Current date – sysdate is a default

Sample query run:

The following are sample runs of the query to extract all drugs associated with an indication. The necessary parameter substitution is highlighted in blue

        drug.concept_id      as drug_concept_id,
        drug.concept_name    as drug_concept_name,
        drug.concept_code    as drug_concept_code
 FROM   vocabulary.concept          drug,
        vocabulary.concept_ancestor a
 WHERE  a.ancestor_concept_id   = 21000039 
 AND    a.descendant_concept_id = drug.concept_id
 AND    drug.concept_level      = 1
 AND    drug.vocabulary_id      = 8
 AND    sysdate BETWEEN drug.valid_start_date AND drug.valid_end_date
Output field list:
 Field  Description
 Drug_Concept_ID  Concept ID of the drug
 Drug_Concept_Name  Name of the drug
 Drug_Concept_Code  Concept code of the drug

Sample output record:
 Field  Value
 Drug_Concept_ID  1710446
 Drug_Concept_Name  Cycloserine
 Drug_Concept_Code  3007