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D20: Find dose form of a drug

This query accepts concept IDs for a drug product (clinical or branded drug or pack) and identifies the dose form.
The query relies on RxNorm concept relationship (4 – ‘Has dose form (RxNorm)’) for this.

 Parameter  Example  Mandatory  Notes
 Drug Concept ID  19060647  Yes Must be a level 1 Clinical or Branded Drug or Pack
 As of date  Sysdate  No Valid record as of specific date. Current date – sysdate is a default

Sample query run:
The following is a sample query. The input parameters are highlighted in blue.
SELECT  A.concept_id              drug_concept_id,
        A.concept_name            drug_concept_name,
        A.concept_code            drug_concept_code,
        D.concept_id              dose_form_concept_id,
        D.concept_name            dose_form_concept_name,
        D.concept_code            dose_form_concept_code
FROM   vocabulary.concept_relationship   CR,
       vocabulary.concept                 A,
       vocabulary.concept                 D
WHERE  CR.concept_id_1    = 19060647 
AND    CR.relationship_ID = 4
AND    CR.concept_id_1    = A.concept_id
AND    CR.concept_id_2    = D.concept_id
AND sysdate BETWEEN CR.valid_start_date AND CR.valid_end_date
Output field list:
 Field  Description
 Drug_Concept_ID  Concept ID of drug entered with specified dose form
 Drug_Name  Name of drug with specified dose form
 Drug_Concept_Code  Concept ID of the dose form
 Dose_Form_Concept_ID  Concept ID of the dose form
 Dose_Form_Concept_name  Name of the dose form
 Dose_Form_Concept_code  Concept code of dose form

Sample output record:
 Field  Description
 Drug_Concept_ID  19060647
 Drug_Name  Budesonide 0.2 MG/ACTUAT Inhalant Powder
 Drug_Concept_Code  247047
 Dose_Form_Concept_ID  19082259
 Dose_Form_Concept_name  Inhalant Powder
 Dose_Form_Concept_code  317000