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G04: Find synonyms for a given concept

This query extracts all synonyms in the vocabulary for a given Concept ID.

 Parameter  Example  Mandatory  Notes
 Concept ID  192671  Yes GI - Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
 As of date  Sysdate  No Valid record as of specific date. Current date – sysdate is a default

Sample query run:
The following is a sample run of the query to extract synonyms for the concept named “GI - Gastrointestinal hemorrhage”. The input parameters are highlighted in blue.
SELECT C.concept_id,
FROM   vocabulary.concept          C,
       vocabulary.concept_synonym  S,
       vocabulary.vocabulary       V
WHERE  C.concept_id    = 192671
AND    C.concept_id    = S.concept_id
AND    C.vocabulary_id = V.vocabulary_id
AND    sysdate BETWEEN C.valid_start_date AND C.valid_end_date
Output field list
 Field  Description
 Concept_ID  Unique identifier of the concept related to the input concept
 Concept_Synonym_Name  Synonym of the concept

Sample output record:
 Field  Value
 Concept_ID  192671
 Concept_Synonym_Name  GI bleeding